Please Support These Broadcast Meteorologists

Someone named Brad Johnson has published a piece at a web site called “Think Progress Green” attempting to intimidate television meteorologists that do not share his views on global warming. I’m not linking to the article because I find it repugnant.

On more than one occasion (see here, for example), I have posted — in full — articles expressing views that differ from mine. I never delete on-topic, respectful comments that differ from mine. And, multiple times, I have linked to articles with differing opinions. That is how I, and our readers, learn.

Science should always be striving to learn the truth about how our world works. Science is often messy with passionate people on both sides. That is how it should be.

If you happen to live in one of the markets where one or more of the blacklisted meteorologists works, I hope you will offer them your support, regardless of your beliefs pertaining to global warming and climate change.

Note: I bumped this back up to the top Saturday morning.

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