The New Rotary Park

In downtown Wichita Monday, the Rotary Club will be donating a new park as a gift to the City. It celebrates 100 years of Rotary.

The ribbon cutting will be Monday at 1:15pm. The weather should be nice. The park is located at First and St. Francis.

6 thoughts on “The New Rotary Park

  1. I know this is somewhat off topic but it does relate to Wichita. What is your reaction to Boeing's decision to leave the air capital?

  2. I have very good reason to believe it is entirely political having little or nothing to do with Wichita or its work force.

    We are very sorry to lose Boeing and some friends of mine have had their lives turned upside down by Boeing's decision.

    That said, Wichita will grow and prosper regardless. It is a great city full of great, smart people.

  3. Mike,

    As I'm always interested in what's going on in my hometown, where is this new park to be located?

    BTW, sorry to hear about the Boeing news also. Kind of ironic that Boeing is ramping up its operations in Charleston, SC where I currently live.

  4. Is the park on the SE corner of 1st and St. Francis, with the view in the photo looking east? A lot has changed since I moved from ICT over ten years ago. I think there was an auto repair shop or other business on that corner that caught fire over a decade ago? Anyone know or remember? Even the rail road bridges and above grade tracks look SO much better…..I remember rusty iron bridges and dirt piles making the tracks above grade.

  5. @8:26pm: Yes, it is looking east from the SE corner. The site was the original Coleman factory's site. They have elevated the railroad tracks through downtown Wichita and the bridges are quite attractive.