The Worst Airline Terminals

USA Today published an article about the best and worst airline terminals in the world.

Here are my nominees for the worst:

3. Houston Bush Terminal B. Dark with perpetual chaos. Employees call it “the ghetto.”

2. Newark’s Terminal A (mentioned in the article). Old, shabby, and rude about says it all.

1. — the worst — Chicago O’Hare Terminal F. As travel writer Joe Brancatelli so aptly describes it, “it is where the Fall of Saigon is reenacted daily.” Walking outside in the pouring rain and snow with no cover, total inability to get a flight off on time at the advertised gate, rude people, nowhere to sit.

Notice something in common? All belong to United Continental Airlines. UA is my favorite airline to fly. But, they really, really need to do something about these three terminals.

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