Time Out for a Posting About Pop

Bringing the map to you because I thought it was interesting.

I grew up in Kansas City where you called flavored, carbonated water “pop.” Per the map, that is the norm. However, when I moved to St. Louis, I found it was called “soda.” And, when I went to school at OU in Norman, it was (even when referring to 7-UP) called “coke.”

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5 thoughts on “Time Out for a Posting About Pop

  1. Could some of those counties in Texas be where Dr. Pepper is the drink of choice instead of Coke?

  2. The map does not show the drink of choice, it is about the local generic name. At least when I lived in Norman, OK (and the map says it is still this way), people asked for a "coke" even when they wanted 7-Up.

  3. I grew up in an area of Illinois right on the border between "soda" and "pop" so I learned to split the difference and call it "soda pop"!


  4. Having grown up in Kansas, pop is the word of choice. Living in Texas for the last 15 years, Coke is the word of choice. I have heard some use Dr. Pepper as the generic term, but not many.

    This surprised me when I first moved here. I went to a restaurant with some friends and asked for a Coke. The waiter asked me, "what kind?" I repeated, "can I please have a Coke?" He looked flustered and said, "well, we have Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper,…". I said, "Coke please." I'll always remember that conversation.

    What I'm curious about is the word that is used in the "Other" areas in New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, and Alaska. What other word is there?