Times Lapse of Lightning Hitting Aircraft at Gate

As you view this, a couple of points:  Note everyone backing away after the lightning bolt hits the tail. Of course, that is too late. Passenger airlines’ weather monitoring has deteriorated in recent years even as weather science’s ability to warn of this type of incident has improved.

Second, if you are in an aircraft struck by lighting, you’ll be fine.  They are designed to withstand lightning strikes. I was on a 737 enroute from Los Angeles to Denver and we were struck with no problems.

3 thoughts on “Times Lapse of Lightning Hitting Aircraft at Gate

  1. Another amazing thing to look for in this video…I had to watch it several times and pause it before I saw it: when the bolt exits the front landing gear of the plane, it goes into a metal plate on the ground to the left of the plane's nose. This plate has a manhole cover on it that is blown into the sky, passes in front of the right wing, then bounces and rolls behind the luggage tram. Lucky nobody was standing in the way of THAT!