"Would People Interested in Aviation Like ‘Warnings’?"

On the flight from Washington, D.C. to Houston this evening, I was asked if a person with a general interest in aviation would like my book, Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather

Based on the reviews, I believe the answer is clearly yes. There are several chapters surrounding how wind shear crashes — once the most common cause of airline accidents — have been completely eliminated by weather science and, especially, by courageous Dr. Ted Fujita. There is even a chapter about the drama surrounding the litigation after the crash; probably the most important litigation in aviation history.

Warnings is about people, history, and weather. It is not a dreaded “science book.” As one reviewer put it, Warnings makes meteorologists the most unlikely heroes in modern literature.

If you’d like to sample the style of writing, the first chapter is here. Give it a read. I believe you’ll enjoy it.

Warnings is available in hardcover and for Kindle and Nook.

One thought on “"Would People Interested in Aviation Like ‘Warnings’?"

  1. coming from an airline pilot myself i greatly enjoyed your book and i encourage anyone else out there to give it a read.