Another Winter Storm Update

Here is the forecast snow from a single model (the NAM) valid through 6am Sunday morning. If this is roughly correct, and it is in line with earlier forecasts, I-70, I-80, and I-76 could be impassible and/or closed given that there will be enough wind, at least in places, to officially qualify as blizzard conditions.

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I urge you to be aware of this storm if you are planning travel in these areas. Note: The heavy snow will affect the Denver airport.

2 thoughts on “Another Winter Storm Update

  1. Looking on this map, am I to assume that the largest areas that are surrounded by the red are areas that mean 16+ inches possible? I don't see that color on the key.

  2. Keith, the amount for the gray is 18 inches. I apologize for cropping out the right side of the scale.