One More Update

Lots going on that is important.

Courtesy of Dr. Ryan Maue, here is the 6pm snow cover this evening:

And, the forecast snow cover at 6am Sunday, scale at right. There is a small spot of 20″ along I-80 in south central Nebraska! Please take these forecasts into account if you are planning travel!

click to enlarge

Immediately below is the 10:03pm radar showing a thunderstorm with large hail moving ENE across northern Oklahoma toward southern Kansas.

Finally, there are at least a half dozen severe thunderstorm warnings for large hail farther southwest:

The above AccuWeather regional radar shows the extent of the thunderstorms that are moving ENE to NE.
Below, is the summary of watches and warnings (see below for color code) at 10:03pm. The amber colors in west Texas and Oklahoma are severe thunderstorm warnings.

Last update of the night — honest this time!!

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