Potential for Weak Tornadoes During the Rest of the Night?

The NWS Storm Prediction Center seems to think so. They just released this:

There are referring to the stronger storms that I noted (below) that, until recently, have just been causing rain and hail. SPC notes that some of the storms are showing weak (not yet tornadic rotation).

Above is AccuWeather regional radar at 12:23am. Click to enlarge.

So, make sure your weather radio is working if you live in these areas. This is not at all the type of situation where a Joplin- or Greensburg-type tornado could occur.  But, all tornadoes are dangerous if you are in the path.

Finally, in the Wichita area (below) at 12:28 am, there is still a severe thunderstorm watch for western Sedgwick Co. and hail may fall but nothing more serious than that at this time.

I’m going back to sleep. 

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