2 thoughts on “This Just In!

  1. Please, please, please stop with this stuff. You’ve already whitewashed the comments of any dissent, proving you can’t be trusted on this topic. Just stick to reporting the weather, because your severe-weather coverage is fantastic.

  2. I was wondering where you had gone, welcome back!

    I haven’t whitewashed any topic. ALL comments disappeared for posts on ALL topics over a several month period when we (unfortunately) went to the new format. A little checking would reveal that to be the case.

    If you don’t care for my global warming coverage, let me suggest that you don’t read it or don’t comment on it if you cannot stick to my rules for commenters.

    My rules for comments: All of my readers are welcome to post differing ideas from mine as long as they are on the topic of the original posting and are respectful. Otherwise, I will put you into the spam category because you, too often, attack me (“can’t be trusted”, “whitewashed”) rather than sticking to the topic of the post and commenting in a respectful manner.


    Besides, if I were a believer in catastrophic global warming, I think I’d be keeping a low profile as Fakegate continues to shake out.