1:15pm Overview

Here is a the Significant Tornado Index (STI) in red superimposed over population. Chicago toward upper left and Atlanta lower right. With values of 2 or higher conducive to major, long-track tornadoes.

If a thunderstorm approaches with a value of 2 or more you are in extreme danger! These storms are moving very fast, so you need to be proactive about gathering information today. 

Each of these large storms, crossing these high STI values, means that tornadoes will likely develop and sustain themselves as they move east at 50-55 mph.

AccuWeather Regional Radar at 1pm CST

New storms are developing near the Alabama-Tennessee border region. Keep an eye out there, as well. 

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2 thoughts on “1:15pm Overview

  1. I know your busy today – but when you have the time I’d love to hear about how these indexes are created – I’m guessing some of our big computer models help – it’s fascinating that we (as a society) knew this would be a bad situation days in advance – even though I’m sure the news tomorrow will talk about how there was no warning…

  2. Good comment. If I don’t blog about this over the weekend, please remind me.

    And, yes, there will be “no warning”! :-)