6am Update: Storms Evolving As Predicted

Here is the AccuWeather regional radar for Friday morning at 5:44am and, unfortunately, the storms are evolving just about as forecast. The large supercell near St. Louis has produced large hail across its entire journey across Missouri.

This is exactly as forecast three hours ago:

In fact, compare the actual regional radar (above) to the forecast regional radar (for 8am this morning, the timing is a bit off) pattern. 

In both, you have the large supercell near St. Louis, the training thunderstorms into the Ozarks and the mix of rain and snow back into Kansas. 

I expect the supercell(s) will continue to move east across Illinois within about 70 miles either side of Interstate 70 this morning and continue to produce large hail.  

At 3pm CST, there will be numerous thunderstorms throughout the Midwest and South, some of which will be producing large hail, damaging thunderstorm winds, and tornadoes.

And, as I was finishing up this posting, the NWS extended the severe thunderstorm watch across Illinois until 11am (below):

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