Giant Hail on Radar

Here is what very large hail (two inches or more) looks like on radar.

The orange oval is the area where hail was likely falling at 5:17pm EDT. The two orange arrows indicate a non-meteorological echo known as a “hail spike.” There is no precipitation falling along the spike. It is an artifact of the way the radar senses the hail. Unfortunately, the Roanoke WSR-88D does not have dual-polarization as yet so I cannot show you what the hail would look like on that type of display.  

There is also a tornado warning (purple polygon) in effect on that storm. 

Update: Saturday, 9:15pm CDT. Via Facebook here is a photo of some of the hail from this storm.

Hail in Franklin Co., Virginia. Exact location unknown.


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One thought on “Giant Hail on Radar

  1. …. Decent TBSS but I’ve seen ‘em with a LOT higher reflectivity in them….