Rare “High Risk” Day

This is a big deal. “High risks” are rare, usually only a day or two each calendar year. I want to break the components for you.


A one in three chance of a tornado occurring within 25 miles of any given point within the high risk area with potential for tornadoes of F2 or greater intensity.

Damaging Thunderstorm Winds

Very high numbers here. The hatched area is where gusts of 75 mph or more are forecast. Suffice to say it is a huge area of damaging thunderstorm winds. 

Large Hail

Hatched area is a forecast of 2″ diameter hair or bigger.

 No tornado watches are in effect at present. However, thunderstorms are developing in many areas and they will become stronger, especially this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Rare “High Risk” Day

  1. I live in clarkson kentucky what should I exspect for clarkson and at what time

    • Clarkson can expect strong storms any time from 1 PM through 9 PM, but I would expect the bulk of the strongest weather between 3-4 PM in your area. You’re in the risk area, so take your preparations now.

      Make sure that paperwork (insurance policies, identity documents (birth certificates, SSN, etc), and irreplaceable heirlooms/photos) are secured and where you can take them with you fast.

      Have a shelter area in mind – a sturdy structure, preferably with a basement, or an interior room on the lowest floor, especially a bathroom – the plumbing helps to reinforce the walls. If in a mobile home, find another place to ride out these storms!

      Wear sturdy shoes, and if a warning is issued for your area, try to have something like a bicycle helmet available – it sounds goofy, but it will protect your head.

      Have a cell phone with you, a flashlight (NO CANDLES!), and a radio.

      Have a TV or radio on today, and be mindful of changing weather conditions.