Severe Weather Setting Up

The death toll from the mid-week tornado outbreak reached 14 today as a Harveyville, Kansas, man succumbed to his injuries suffered Tuesday night. 

Meteorologists are monitoring two upcoming rounds of thunderstorms over the next 36 hours. The first will start late tonight a 15% chance of hail an 1″ or larger the greatest threat:

Tomorrow still looks like a major tornado and damaging thunderstorm wind day. AccuWeather is giving this weather system extra coverage, updated Thursday evening.. 

The hatched areas are where tornadoes ≥ F-2 and/or thunderstorm winds of 75 mph or greater are expected.  

Here is the experimental forecast radar for 9pm Central time Friday evening:

Keep in eye on the weather if you live in these areas!

2 thoughts on “Severe Weather Setting Up

  1. FYI, the ‘AccuWeather is giving this weather system extra coverage’ “link” above, at least on my computer, takes one to a “this is somewhat embarrasing, isn’t it – page not found” message.