The Start of An Outbreak

AccuWeather regional radar at 1:34am CST shows the very first thunderstorms starting to form in southeast Kansas as predicted earlier in this posting

So, since the forecast appears to be correct, what should you do if you are in the area with the high tornado probabilities? Make a plan.

Need groceries? Morning probably better than afternoon. 

Want to take the kids out in the stroller? Check the radar first.

Bring in the lawn furniture you might have put out with the unseasonably warm weather the last few days?

Flashlight and NOAA weather radio batteries fresh? 

Do a last-minute review of tornado safety rules for home and for schools.

See what I mean?  Just review these things as they pertain to your unique situation and you are done.

Hopefully, we’ve overforecast and/or the storms will be in corn fields and will do little damage. If not, you’re ready. 

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