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Mike Smith is one of the thought leaders in commercial meteorology. Most of his papers and articles appear at We will link to those papers and other items right here. Please check back from time to time.

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A life spent studying the weather sparked a hobby of photographing it. Mike uses some of his stunning photographs to enhance his speaking presentations and his work has been used as a resource for storm photography by many major publications.

Weather Photos

[img src=]1910
American flag with hoarfrost.
[img src=]1330
Bald eagle soaring past Exploration
[img src=]980
BNSF Railroad locomotive during blizzard.
[img src=]760
Blizzard at Andover, Kansas.
[img src=]710
Rain gauge soon to capture a thunderstorm's rainfall.
[img src=]650
Light shower at sunset.
[img src=]680
Cattle drive during "Symphony in the Flint Hills," southwest of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas.
[img src=]540
View of a rainy Wichita.
[img src=]620
St. Louis' Gateway Arch at Night.
[img src=]480
Double funnel clouds. Skinny at left. Large cone funnel at right. Neither caused significant damage.
[img src=]550
Thunderstorm at sunset.
[img src=]510
Hoarfrost at Nebraska farm.
[img src=]460
Intense rain and hail near Lake Cheney, Kansas.
[img src=]470
Red barn with hoarfrost.
[img src=]440
Looking west along Arkansas River in Wichita.