What do organizations like AON Benefield, Property Casualty Institute and the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies have in common?

“…hypnotizing…captivating…extremely relevant.”

Diane Lee, Property Casualty Insurance Association of America, Chicago

They are industry leaders across the United States who rely on the expertise of Mike Smith to empower their conference attendees.

As the nation’s leading expert in extreme weather, and a genuine atmospheric scientist who is skilled in knowing the latest updated climate change conditions, Mike will help your company benefit from state-of-the-art information.  What Mike Smith brings you is a combination of the latest in weather forecasting and his unique blend of meteorological science that you can’t get anywhere else!

Mike will empower your insurance company actuaries, analysts and adjusters with the tools to protect lives, plan a strategy, prepare operations and understand the risks of weather.  He can help you turn a weather-related disaster into an opportunity to better serve your policyholders’ in their time of need.

By understanding the weather history of specific locations in your area, your company will be one step ahead of the next big storm, thanks to Mike.

Unique presentations, tailored to your audience.

If you’re ready for an engaging presentation that will be customized to your audience, look no further than Mike Smith. Mike speaks across the country and is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on extreme weather. He would be happy to speak with you about developing a unique message that will best fit your conference goals.

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