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“… vibrant, powerful … right on point.”

Jack Osborn, Chairman of the Professional Committee, BOMA, New York

If you are looking for a speaker who will have your audience spellbound, Mike Smith is the perfect choice. Mike combines the majesty of weather with practical, actionable information that makes people safer, businesses more profitable, and society more productive.

Whether it is record tornadoes, Hurricane Sandy, or unprecedented drought and wildfires, extreme weather and climate conditions will affect your community and business…it is only a matter of time. Recently called the “greatest synoptic meteorologist* that has ever lived,” Mike’s deep knowledge of science, business, innovation (19 U.S. and foreign patents), and communications allows him to present in a way that people come away thoroughly entertained while hardly realizing they are learning how to make their lives and businesses better.

Meeting planner after meeting planner are gratified that their choice of Mike yields the highest scores in post-meeting speaker valuations.

A small sample of Mike’s speaking clientele:

  • NYC Building Owners & Managers Association
  • National Assn. of Mutual Insurance Companies
  • International Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop
  • AON Benfield
  • American Farm Credit
  • Bombardier Learjet Management Association
  • Kansas Grain and Feed Assn.


And, as Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Executive for AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, he consults with:

  • Macys
  • Lowes
  • IBM
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Norfolk Southern Railroad
  • Boeing
  • Cessna


Mike’s keynote speeches get rave reviews because every speech is tailored to the specific interests of the audience and sponsoring organization. Because of Mike’s 22 years in television, he brings clarity and a theatrical polish to the podium. Quick-witted, Mike speaks without notes and loves questions and answers. Here are just a few of Mike’s most popular presentations:


11 Things You Must Do To Weatherproof Your Business

BusinessSpeechIconThe weather-related effects on the U.S. economy reached a half trillion dollars in 2010 — and 2011 is running even higher. Can your business afford to be caught unaware when extreme weather threatens?

Mike Smith’s entertaining presentation, along with audience Q&A, will provide the actionable information you need to turn what would otherwise be a disaster for your business into a mere inconvenience.


Global Warming Vs. Climate-Proofing: What Really Matters

GlobalWarmingSpeechIconClimate is nothing but long-term weather. Average global temperatures and ocean heat content mean little to your business. What does matter to your business and its profitability is whether you mitigate the effects of extreme weather and capitalize on weather-related opportunities.

Mike Smith, using his skill as a genuine atmospheric scientist, will demonstrate a fresh and far more useful way to view global warming and climate change to benefit your bottom line.


How to Create a Culture of Innovation

speech-mikeAre your products aging? Clients less enthusiastic? Employees just going through the motions?

Learn how to create a culture of innovation within your company. Holder of 19 U.S. and foreign patents along with innovation awards from the Consumer Electronics Association, the American.


“No one knows more about the science and art of weather forecasting than Mike Smith.”

Charles Alexander, Former Science Editor, Time Magazine

Miracle at Greensburg

GreensburgSpeechIconThe emotional and heartwarming story of how weather scientists frantically worked to save lives – and save a town.

This presentation will uplift and challenge your audience. It will also challenge the widely-held view that storm warnings are mere annoyances when in fact they have evolved into vital, lifesaving information. The audience will leave the room inspired.


CSI: Meteorology — One Man’s Quest to Save Lives

CSISpeechiconCan one person make a difference? Yes! The behind-the-scenes story of a courageous scientist who, in spite of tremendous opposition, makes everyone who flies today much safer.

CSI: Meteorology conveys the vital traits needed by innovators in every profession and reinforces the requirement that, for optimal results, business and science decisions must be based on data rather than “consensus.”