Introducing the Meteorological Musings Team

If the Google statistics are correct, we have had more than two thousand new visitors in the past week. We are thrilled and happy to have you! I thought it might be appropriate to introduce ourselves to our new friends.

I am Mike Smith, professional speaker, author of Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather, and meteorologist. My day job is CEO of WeatherData Services, Inc., which is part of AccuWeather. My expertise is in applying weather science to real world problems, especially as it pertains to storms and other extreme events. When I am not writing, I am working with companies and organizations to mitigate weather-related risks.

Kim Dugger is the marketing director for Mike Smith Enterprises, LLC. Our web site is here. Kim is a weather fan and “storm chaser extraordinaire” with a background in communications. Kim sets up most of the appearances including the book signings (where we are pictured above).

We appreciate you reading the blog and value any comments you might wish to leave.

Meteorological Musings is Six Months Old

This week is the sixth month anniversary of meteorological musings. Thanks so much for reading and for all of your comments and emails.

I have had a few questions about the “cast of characters,” the people I routinely name in the blog. I had planned to post photos to acquaint our newer readers with all people who help make all of this happen, but today was absolutely nuts getting ready for the book tour.  How nuts? Less than 30 minutes ago I had a TV crew in my back yard taping a report about natural hazards warning systems.

So, when I get a little break in the action, I owe you the background information.  Hold me to it.

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Best of Meteorological Musings

Today is the 100th Day of the Meteorological Musings Blog.  There have been 335 postings, so far.

I am simply amazed how fast this blog has grown in just three months. Thank you very much!!

 Courtesy of Google, here are the top five posts (drum roll):

5. Getting Children Interested in Science.
4. Coverage of the Plains Ice and Snow Storm in January
3. Elvis’s 75th Birthday and how he was nearly killed by a tornado as a baby
2. Wichita Winter Wonderland as hoarfrost flocked the city’s trees
1. All New Meaning to Snail Mail.  USPS returns a piece of mail to WeatherData eleven years after it was mailed.

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