“This is Incredible.”

If you have never been to Yosemite National Park,

this might be the year to go. Snow levels are at record levels as are the spectacular waterfalls. The Los Angeles Times has more.

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Speaking of Spiders

Below, I talk about spiders and global warming.  Here is a photo of spiders’ webs enshrouding trees.

Department for International Development
The spiders were forced into the trees by the floods in Pakistan. 
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"Pedestrians" Crossing

They crossed from right to left, but, before getting to the curb, did a 180° and started going the other direction.

They then stopped in the middle of my lane and decided that, perhaps, it would be better to fly off into the drizzle.

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Update on Falcons

I have previously written about the peregrine falcons nesting in Westar’s building in Topeka. We now have  two eggs, zealously guarded by Hope and Zeus, the proud parents. More here from the Topeka Capital-Journal.

Hat tip: Blog follower Keith.

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