The Morality of "Climate Change"

Leaving people to starve or die from germ-laden water today to fight the weather over something that might be a problem 50 years from now hardly seems moral, a point I have made many times on this blog.

Others seem to be arriving at the same conclusion.

When it comes to climate change, our leaders would do well to follow Buddhist advice: when struck by an arrow, first remove it before seeking out your assailant. Otherwise, you will die.
But most governments and charitable foundations today do exactly the opposite. They try so hard to appease climate activists — who seem more concerned about the possible plight of people yet to be born than those suffering today — that millions of people have been abandoned to misery and early death in the poorest parts of the world.

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Why the Arctic Ice is Melting

This image is a screen capture from yesterday evening’s “NBC Nightly News” photographed from our television screen:

Notice any thing odd about the ice?  I’ll give you a hint: There is no dirt or soot in the Arctic (just ice and, under the ice, water). Obviously, a foreign substance is on the ice. And, pollution causes ice to melt much faster, even if the temperature is below freezing, if the sun is out. For details, check here.

Where might the dirt/soot have come from? Here’s another hint:

This satellite image shows the brownish pollution from China flowing northeast toward the Arctic.

There are multiple peer-reviewed papers attributing the recent summer ice melt in the Arctic to soot rather than ‘global warming’ as Arctic temperatures have been colder than normal the last three summers. Please be clear: I’m concerned about the melting ice. It may be the the melting ice could lead to other climate problems. But, attributing the melt to “global warming” when the problem is really soot accomplishes nothing and may lead to other problems.

And, yes, NBC’s Brian Williams was commenting about ‘climate change’ while the image of the ice was being shown.

This another example of inaccurate reporting pertaining to “global warming.”

NOTE: A sentence in the above is corrected from the original post to fix a piece of awkward writing.