Wet in Wichita

Sixty-four hundredths of an inch of rain (up until noon) of a forecast two inches of much-need rain has fallen in Wichita today. With the slow rate of rainfall, wheat farmers are rejoicing.

Photo taken at noon looking east down Douglas Street.

Ice from Sonic: Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

Those of us with rain gauges know how hard it can be to keep them from getting “gunky.” Kathleen read that crushed ice, swirled in the gauge, will knock off the gunk and allow it to be cleaned without scratching the interior of the gauge.

Those of us who are fans of Sonic Drive-In’s know they have great crushed ice. Kathleen said, “save your ice, I want to try something” as I finished a Diet Coke with lime. She used the Sonic ice and it worked like a charm!

How to Measure Snow and Ice

This is my rain gauge on a nice summer day, ready to measure any rain that might fall from the thunderstorm in the background.

But rain gauges don’t work as well with winter precipitation.  Snow tends to blow around the gauge and freezing rain sticks to it.  How can you get the best read on winter precipitation amounts?

If you have this type of gauge, take out the funnel and inner tube and take them into your house.  The larger opening of the outer tube makes a better target for snow, sleet and freezing rain.

When a winter storm occurs, take the outer tube indoors and let it thaw.  Then, you pour the liquid through the funnel into the inner tube.  Voila, you have a more accurate precipitation reading