Maybe I Don’t Want that Private Jet After All

On several occasions, I’ve stated that I would love to have a private jet if I could afford it. The airlines and TSA have made air travel drudgery, at best.

However, based on a story in today’s Wall Street Journal about private-jet trials and tribulations at tomorrow’s Super Bowl, maybe it isn’t all its cracked up to be. The story is called “Tarmac Gridlock” and here are a couple of highlights:

The result is that some VIPs will have to park their jets VFA—very far away. “We were not expecting this whatsoever,” said Brian Payne, manager of the airport in French Lick, Ind., a town of 1,800 two hours’ drive south of Indianapolis, most commonly associated with NBA legend Larry Bird.
At least seven private planes will land in French Lick [Indiana] this weekend—more arrivals than the airport typically handles in a week…

The line at Indianapolis International may be longer than the postgame wait at past Super Bowls because the lack of available rooms at hotels—and especially luxury hotels—in Indianapolis is forcing attendees to fly in and out on game day. Though the airport is increasing takeoffs to 100 per hour that night, Mr. Medvescek said, the wait could approach four hours.

Yeah, I’m sure staying at the Hilton Garden Inn would be tough!

Charter companies and others are making special plans to appease the elite mobs of potentially angry private-jetters on the tarmac Sunday night. Million Air, which services private jets parked at Indianapolis International, has created a catered VIP lounge in an aircraft hangar, with eight 70-inch televisions, two theater screens and a race car simulator. “You know, something to pass the time while they’re waiting,” said Drent Sarault, Million Air’s Indianapolis director.

So, maybe a private jet isn’t worth the trouble. Of course, I’m open minded and willing to be convinced it is worth the money. Cessna? Hawker? Learjet? I’ll take your call!

Two Quick Notes

I’d like to congratulate Anthony Watts over at WattsUpWithThat on his 100,000,000th page view. Quite a milestone!

The Smith Family has been in Dallas all weekend for the Cotton Bowl. Cowboy’s Stadium (above) is just as spectacular as advertised.

The Cotton Bowl has a very nice atmosphere and was a lot of fun. Oh, what about the game itself you ask? That didn’t work out so well from our perspective. Arkansas won.

The best thing was the camaraderie between the KSU and Arkansas fans. We had a great time watching the game together and they were very gracious in their victory.

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Time Out for a Cotton Bowl Posting

(Once in a while we talk about sports on Meteorological Musings, so if the 2012 Cotton Bowl or places to eat near I-35 in Oklahoma and Texas do not interest you, please stop reading here.)

Congratulations to the Oklahoma State Cowboys for bringing the Big XII to 6-1 in its bowl games this year. There is one left…

The Cotton Bowl is the biggest (in terms of number of fans in attendance) of all of the bowl games and this year it features the Kansas State Wildcats versus the Arkansas Razorbacks.  More than 105,000 are expected to attend. The ‘backs are the favorites but I’m predicting a Wildcat victory (especially against the spread).

One of our tickets!

So, since tens of thousands will be traveling down I-35 from Kansas to Dallas, I thought I’d provide some information that might be helpful. My qualifications: I frequently drive that highway on business trips to Norman and DFW. I want to share these with my blog readers but do not tell anyone else. I don’t want the waits to be too long for our group!

If you are looking for non-national chain places to eat roughly halfway between Kansas and Dallas, here are three recommendations from north to south that are worth getting off the freeway for:

  • Edmond, Oklahoma 66 (formerly U.S. Route 66) exit. Go east about 5-8 minutes to Pops. Great burgers, a killer ice cream cake dessert, and the world’s largest soda pop collection (Coca-Cola made in Mexico with real cane sugar, for example) to drink there or take with you. Photos below.

  • Norman. “Coach’s” sports bar downtown. The best pizza in Norman. Just take the Main Street exit, go east, and it will be on the south (right) side of the road immediately before the railroad tracks. And, take a moment to cross the tracks to see the statue of Norman’s favorite son, James Garner.
  • Interurban, Ardmore. With a name more similar to a streetcar or train, this restaurant is like a “TGI Fridays” with really good service and fun decorations. Great place to stop with kids.

It is located between exits 32 and 31B in Ardmore on the east side access road (“A” on map below):

click to enlarge

Once you get to Dallas, here are three wonderful places, two Uptown and one Northeast:

  • For brunch, Breadwinners Cafe and Bakery. Wow. You have to try it!  Photos below. 

The brunch of champions. “I’ll have one of each, please.”

  • And, finally, even though it is a chain, since we don’t have one in Kansas (I’ll invest; hint, hint), for Italian food like my late Grandmother Lembo used to make, go to Maggianos. If you have never experienced their food, get their lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs and, for dessert, apple crostada (ask for extra ice cream!). Our reservations are for 6:30 Saturday. See you there!
Hoping for a great game and, in a spirit of good sportsmanship, I invite Arkansas Razorback fans to use these suggestions, too.  See you in Big D!

I Was There — Chiefs Lost

Christmas Day, 40 years ago at this time, I was with my family at Kansas City’s Municipal Stadium to watch the Chiefs lose a playoff game to the Dolphins in the sixth period.

I have always thought that game was the beginning of the end of the Chiefs’ dynasty. They were one of the dominant teams in the 1960′s and they played in Super Bowls I and IV, and winning the latter.

The NFL Channel will have a one-hour special on the nearly six hour game tonight at 6pm Eastern.

Because of the numerous opportunities to win, the memories of that afternoon that stretched into evening are so painful I don’t know whether I’ll be able to watch.

UPDATE: Well, well worth viewing even though it was extremely painful.

It was nice to see the rumor confirmed that one of Jan Stenerud’s missed kicks was supposed to be a fake and the ball was mis-snapped to Len Dawson (the holder). Highly recommended viewing.

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Way to Go, Chiefs!!

I have been out of touch most of the day because I was at the terrific upset of the Chiefs over Green Bay this afternoon. The Chiefs looked like a completely different team today.

As promised, I’m starting to work on a winter storm update and I’ll have it up around 9:30 or 9:45.

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32 Rules for Touch Football

Just in time for that big game on Thanksgiving, The Wall Street Journal provides us with 32 rules for touch football. Here is a sample:

2. Find a nice patch of grass. It doesn’t have to be big. You don’t need a regulation 100 yards. Half the people in your family, if they ran 100 yards, they’d wind up in the hospital for a month.
12. It’s okay to play with kids but don’t baby them. Just because your 7-year-old niece is playing quarterback doesn’t mean you can’t intercept her screen pass and run it back for a touchdown. She’s got to learn sometime not to throw into triple coverage.
13. The count is five “Mississippi.” And it’s a full four syllables—not a rushed “MISS-IPPI” and knocking grandpa to the ground.
19. There are only two plays you need for touch football: “Everybody Go Out” and “Everybody Go Deep.”
22. A little pass interference never hurt anyone. Don’t be a wimp.
24. Three-minute halftime. Don’t kill the momentum. Anything longer, and aging muscles seize up. Remember: if Daddy sits, Daddy is d-o-n-e.
29. Goes without saying, but if it snows, it’s a classic.
30. Take it easy. You don’t want any injuries that can’t be treated with a bag of frozen peas.
32. When you think about it, there’s really only one rule for Thanksgiving touch football: Take your shoes off before going in the house, or Mom is going to kill you.

The entire list is here.

Catch of the Decade — Nullified by Penalties

CBS Sports, photos from my TV screen

The Kansas City Chief’s receiver, Jonathan Baldwin, catches the ball behind the back of the Bronco’s Brian Dawkins (who was called for defensive pass interference for face guarding). However, the Chiefs were in an illegal formation. This amazing catch did not count and so you will likely not see it on tonight’s highlights. For that reason, I’m presenting it here.

The two begin to go to the ground:

They tumble:

and, Jonathan comes up with the catch:

Hopefully, CBS Sports will replay the entire sequence. Their NFL web site is here.

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One to Tell the Grandchildren About

Even though sports is one of the “official” topics of this blog, I don’t frequently write about it because it so often routine. Last night’s Game Six of the World Series was anything but. The unique thing about baseball is, as Yogi Berra so eloquently put it, 

It Ain’t Over, ‘Till It’s Over
Twice, in both the bottom of the ninth and tenth innings, the Rangers were one strike — one strike — away from winning their first World Championship. Yet, the Cardinals came back with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 11th to force Game 7 tonight.
An amazing game. 
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Two Hands!!!

I taught all three of my children, catch a fly ball with two hands!!!  Over and over, I taught them how important it was.

photo of Fox Sports from my television screen moments ago

Apparently, you can play third base in the World Series without observing that basic bit of baseball.

UPDATE: 11:42PM, Cardinals win it 10-9 after 11 innings. It was an amazing game, one of the best I have ever seen!

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World Series Thunderstorms

Above is the AccuWeather regional radar as of 10:15pm central time. The storms are about three hours away. The game should be fine except if it goes deep into extra innings.

UPDATE: 10:29pm. Tornado warning issued for Carter, Jefferson and Stephens Co., OK, due to strong rotation near Loco. Moving SSE.

The Delay Will Be More than a Half Hour

Gaylord Family Stadium location marked by a purple square

ABC Sports is reporting the delay will be “about a half hour.” Unfortunately, they are incorrect. There is a second large storm northwest of the stadium moving southeast. I doubt the game will start before 8:30.

Count on a Delay for OU – Texas Tech

A severe thunderstorm with very large hail is moving east southeast toward the Gaylord Family Stadium where the Sooners are scheduled to kick off against Texas Tech at 7:05pm. It is highly likely there will be a delay!  Stadium location marked with a square.

World Series Weather Update

Very strong thunderstorms have developed across Oklahoma as of 6:10pm and they are moving east southeast.

These particular storms are not moving toward Arlington (halfway between Ft. Worth and Dallas). However, the atmosphere over north central Texas continues to be conducive for thunderstorm development. So, thunderstorms could develop and affect the game after about the 5th inning.

Gonna Be Tough to Get the Game In

Update 10:29pm EDT: Game postponed to 8:37pm Saturday. Will resume in second inning. 

Here is the radar as of 10:07pm EDT. Yankee Stadium is the blue circle and the red arrow is the direction of movement of the storms.

Second Apology of the Day

The National Junior Olympics is being held in Wichita and we are thrilled to have them. Only one problem: The high temperature was 111° today. That is not the heat index, that was the temperature. The normal high temperature for this date is 94°.

One of the TV stations interviewed several parents and the ones from Arizona thought it was fine but the folks visiting from Colorado were not thrilled.

We are sorry we are having this awful heat wave.

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