Mike Smith: Speaker, Author, Innovator

Go beyond the radar as distinguished scientist Mike Smith takes you on a journey that intrigues, inspires, educates and entertains. A leader and innovator in the science of meteorology, Mike has combines leading-edge science and a knowledge of business with stories about people and events that are shaping the very way we live. One of the creators of the modern storm warning system and author of two books, “Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather” and “When the Sirens Were Silent,” Mike is a superb speaker and writer with a rare gift for making the scientific and technical understandable and interesting. From the heartwarming to the heart-wrenching and everything in between, Mike, above all, captivates.

Mike holds the highest awards in the science of meteorology, 19 patents, board certification and other honors too numerous to mention. Mike is the expert on extreme weather and its effects on people and businesses. Whether looking for entertainment, inspiration or enhanced profitability, Mike will leave a lasting impression on your audience and your business.

John Knox, University of Georgia, says Mike Smith “puts out the best real-time severe weather info of just about anyone” . . .Mike took the first-ever photo of a microburst, so this isn’t just some guy who posts stuff on the Internet.  He’s a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society.” He is out in the field making new discoveries and finding new ways to apply science to better humanity. His work is not confined to weather. Mike is making contributions in public health, search and rescue and emergency management.

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